Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tanger Outlets in Myrtle Beach

Where should I start? I know, with the bag of the century (well, for me). This Coach bag was sitting on the shelf waiting for me. She was waiting for me even before the greeter at the door gave me a 50% off total purchase coupon. She got a little jealous when I looked at a teal blue tote. So, I picked her up, but I put her back on the shelf like a little Barbie doll. I walked around a packed store and then, all of a sudden, she whispered, "Mami, Mami" (that's what I call myself). She knew just what to say.

Next up, Mr. Micheal Kors. Just a little clutch with a pop of color.  This color is for all seasons. Bright enough for Spring/Summer and bold enough for Fall/Winter. Imagine wearing "all black everything" and carrying this clutch. Hotness!!
Last, but certainly not least, is this magenta crossbody Coach bag, that I picked up for my daughter.
We were trying to decide on which color. They had bone, black, navy blue, and orange.  Bone was too plain and if someone gets pen mark on it, you'd be like, "Oh no they didn't." Black was too common. Navy blue was too formal. Orange was too bold. But this color, said, "Boom, guess who stepped in the room".

Can't wait to rock all of them...

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