Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweats and Stilettos

When I saw this look from Karlas Closet I desperately wanted to find slim fitting Adidas sweatpants, that I went to the kids section at Unique (thrift shop) hoping to find some that would fit me. No such luck.


Fast forward two weeks later, my daughter and I were looking for workout gear at the mall and we went into a sports store just for women and I found these Adidas sweats. I tried them suckas on and of course I said, "they done messed up now". The salesperson asked my daughter, "what did she say?", my daughter knowing me; translated, "she'll be coming here alot".

Photo: dbass
Look at me in the office trying to act like I don't know someone is taking my picture.
My stilletos are hurting my pinky toe.


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