Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'm all about recycle/reuse/reduce, although my waste maintenance service puts my recyclables in the same place as the regular garbage. (I think I'm gonna report him) Anyway, being a Do-It-Yourselfer, I love to see what other DIYers do and I came across Erica from p.s.- I made this. She has so many clever ideas like this one.

I was in my favorite store, Target, this weekend and saw this similar lamp for $40. The online price is $54.

Erica, you done messed up now! You go girl!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Left...Left...Left, Right, Left.

I love the military look. A pair of camouflage jeans with either heels or a pair of Timb's. It makes me feel like Destiny's Child singing Survivor on the beach. (I'll be playing the role of Kelly Rowland). "You know I'm not gonna dis you on the internet, cuz my mama taught me better than that"!

The Kardashian Kollection has this jacket and these camouflage jeans available.

Add to it a little leather or faux leather and you're right on trend. This jacket is from Zara retailing for around $99.

You already know, they done messed up now, because I purchased this jacket from Walmart for only $26.88.

I purchased these Decree camouflage jeans at Unique for $6.99 and wore it to work with these stilettos.

*in my Major Payne voice* They....Done...Messed Up Now!

Monday, August 26, 2013


To-MAY-toe or To-MAH-toe! Yves Saint Laurent or Saint Laurent! Why did they drop the "Yves"? The reason, they say, was to make it more streamline.  I prefer Yves Saint Laurent and I want to be a part of the iconic brand. I present to you, the infamous YSL logo t-shirt.

Turn up, Bron Bron!

In honor of YSL and DIY, I thought I would combine my two loves. I went online, printed the logo, cut it out and glued it to a cardboard box top. I used a straight edge and made my own stencil.

I went to A.C. Moore again and purchased plain t-shirts, 3 for $10.00. I already had fabric paint from a previous DIY project.

I used the ruler to mark the center, put cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the paint soaking through and used a styrofoam plate for the paint.

I used thumb tacks to secure the stencil and the cut-out cardboard pieces that define the lines in the "Y" and the "S".


Let the shirt dry for 24 hours and wash before wearing.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Did you ever see those cute striped t-shirts with a red heart and eyes? That's the logo from Comme des Garçon from Japanese creator Rei Kawakubo.


I wanted to replicate the look, so I went to A.C. Moore and purchased 3 pieces of felt in red, black, and white.

I penciled out a heart on the red felt and cut it out.

I cut out the whites of the eye and two little black dots to complete the look and glued on the eyes.

And here's my finished product.

Not too shabby huh?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Arm Candy

As a fashion blogger reader, you are probably familiar with the terms "Arm Candy" or "Arm Party".
Blair from Atlantic-Pacific and Rachel from Pink Peonies always wear beautiful bracelets and bangles.


I scored me an invitation to the "Arm Party".

And they really done messed up now, because I found these two bracelets over the weekend at Francesca's located downtown Westfield, NJ.

 The trend, lately, is not wearing as many bracelets, but I still do love an "Arm Party".

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

"Coco! Coco! Is that you girl? Come here CC". That's how they got the double "C" logo.

Sike! I'm just kidding. The interlocking C's came from stained glass windows in a Aubazine chapel which featured interlaced curves.

I wanted to recreate this look from my girl Blair, Atlantic-Pacific.


I purchased this brooch online and here is my rendition:

Now my brooch is way smaller than hers, but the concept is the same.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


If you are a fashion blogger, you have to be aware of the Holy Grail. No, not Jay Z's new CD, but the one and only, ZARA. (cue white doves being released from cages in slow motion). The majority of fashion bloggers have referenced Zara.

 And any one of these shoes have graced many a bloggers' foot.

But not one more than this pair.

Now being a newbie in the blogosphere, I had to get in on it. I bought these, this Spring, cuz I wanted that Kanye West smoking jacket loafer look.

And more recently, this past weekend Unique had a 50% off everything sale and guess who was there bright and early? It was so packed, I had to wait in line for a cart, but once I got it, I was off to the races.

I had three leather coats in my cart, that either didn't fit or turned out to be pleather. As I'm putting them back on the rack, out of the corner of my eye, I spot this Zara raincoat. Schwat!!  (translation: What!!) (Definition: higher form of what, with a little, Oh sh#t!) Regularly priced at $99, I got it for $7.50.

Monday, August 12, 2013

I want salad like the Kardashians!!

Did you ever notice on Keeping up with the Kardashians how Khloe and Kim always have salad in plastic containers that they must have ordered and picked up for lunch?

Well, I love salad, especially chicken caeser salad, and the local eateries charge $7.50 and up. Too much in my book, cuz you know daggone well a homemade salad doesn't cost that much. A head of lettuce what? $1.50 at the most. Dressing, no more than $3.00 (not store brand). Croutons, maybe $2.00 for a box. Chicken breast, $6.99 for a pack at Walmart. Added up that's $13.49, and with that you can make salad for, like, a WEEK!!!  So why would you wanna shell out $7.50 for one. Well, I found a prepackaged salad at BJ's Wholesale. You get 2 bowls for $5.99. And get this, only 230 calories, WIN WIN!

Photo: dbass

Let me tell you, me and my son tore this salad up. Ok, everybody say it together, "they done messed up now"!